Toronto, Ontario – November 28, 2019 – NexJ Health Inc. (NexJ), a provider of patient-facing population health management solutions, today announces preliminary results from the TrueNTH (“True North”) Sexual Health and Rehabilitation e-Clinic (SHAReClinic). SHAReClinic is a virtual care program focused on helping men and their partners cope with the negative impact on sexual health caused by prostate cancer. The program is delivered through NexJ Connected Wellness, an advanced virtual care platform for chronic disease prevention and management that incorporates patient education, care coordination, and health coaching to engage patients with their own health outcomes. As part of the SHAReClinic program, participants are matched with a health coach who offers tailored support through “eClinic visits” as a source of personalized education and guidance to ensure continuity of care over the 2-year recovery period.

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among Canadian men1. While the death rate has been declining significantly from improved testing and better treatment options2, complications still exist. Over 60% of prostate cancer patients report moderate to severe distress related to sexual dysfunction3. Sexual dysfunction accounts for the single greatest negative impact on quality of life after treatment for localized prostate cancer — with significant impact on patients (e.g. a loss to their sense of masculinity) as well as their partners (e.g. reduced intimacy). In response to this need following diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, patients and their partners are offered access to SHAReClinic. Within the program, educational content is personalized to each patient based on their relationship status, treatment type, and sexual orientation, and is presented appropriately based on the timing of treatment and phase of recovery.

Preliminary results indicate that at 12 months, SHAReClinic patients reported reductions in sexual dysfunction comparable to or greater than results reported in both the literature and in the Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic (PCRC) at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Unlike in-person support for prostate cancer survivors, SHAReClinic has made programming available across the country and has been able to seamlessly shift service delivery for patient care across multiple providers by using one collaborative tool. With a high degree of accessibility, health coaches were able to engage with patients where they were, breaking down the transportation and financial barriers that can affect program participation and completion.

Success was also seen in engagement levels, with more than 70% of patients having completed all of their eClinic visits and questionnaires. Highlighting this success is the fact that while online programming tends to appeal to a younger demographic, the age range of SHAReClinic participants was 48-75, with an average age of 63.

“Through SHAReClinic we have shown that the personal and professional connection achieved through an in-person healthcare clinic can be replicated in an online environment. This has important implications in terms of reach, accessibility, and sustainability — all of which are key considerations when offering healthcare in a country the size of Canada.” says Dr. Andrew Matthew, SHAReClinic Lead and Senior Psychologist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto.

“It is an honour to be part of the SHAReClinic team. Being able to support prostate cancer patients and their partners through using such a well-designed and clinically sound program is a rewarding experience.” – Monique Voorn, SHAReClinic Health Coach

“Living in a somewhat remote location with limited support I found the program one of the best forms of support that I had access to!” – SHAReClinic Program Participant

These preliminary results demonstrate that in comparison to the literature and PCRC, online sexual health rehabilitation programs can offer as great an impact as face-to-face support, and also provide a scalable, resource-efficient approach.

Given its success thus far, SHAReClinic aims to scale to the 34 cancer centres across Canada (with the exception of Quebec).

If you work with a cancer centre that wants to be involved in SHAReClinic, please contact SHAReClinic Manager Gideon Yang at 416-946-4501 ext. 3593 or

For patients interested in getting care, we recommend you reach out to your local cancer centre and ask if you can get involved.

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[3] The Canadian guide to prostate cancer. (2010). In Canadian Family Physician (Vol. 56).