Supporting People Through all the Stages of Cancer
A Cancer Coach provides you with compassionate and empathetic support throughout the various stages of cancer – from diagnosis, treatment, to post treatment transitions, ongoing management of chronic or metastatic disease or end of life. The program also supports caregivers to those living with cancer and bereaved caregivers.

NexJ Health Coaches are regulated health care professionals (nurses, kinesiologists, social workers) who have specialized in providing care to those with cancer, with added training and expertise in health coaching and behavior change. Our coaches specialize in facilitating coping skills around cancer-related distress, discussing treatment options, managing side effects, and encouraging the adoption of positive health behaviors. Coaching also connects patients and caregivers with local community resources.

Everything You Need in One Program

  • One-on-one support from a professional cancer coach
  • Access to the NexJ Connected Wellness digital health platform
  • Education on diagnosis, treatment options and managing side effects
  • Strategies to navigate conversations with providers and loved ones
  • Trackers to monitor and manage cancer-related symptoms
  • Encouragement and guidance with health behaviors shown to improve quality of life
  • Social support from our Connected Wellness community
  • Referrals to community-based resources

Program Objectives

  • Improve quality of life
  • Manage common treatment side effects
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Achieve health and wellness goals

Your Program Experience
Sync your wearable device
Connect with your health coach
Create your account & complete a personal wellness assessment
Connect with your support system
Receive one-on-one support
Learn about wellness topics that interest you
Join mindfulness and exercise sessions
Achieve your health goals
How it Works
After completing a personalized health assessment, NexJ Health personalizes a program just for you. The program matches you with a professional cancer coach and gives you access to evidence-based educational content and digital health trackers.

While many tools are available in the program, you are encouraged to use the ones that work best for you at your own pace. There is no obligation to do everything. Our goal is to support you!

Affordable Support Tailored to Your NeedsĀ 
Cancer Coaching Program Updated Pricing
Access to the NexJ Connected Wellness platform 1
Online exercise & mindfulness sessions 2
Wellness Trackers to Measure Healthy Habits 3
Expertly curated workbooks 4
* The amount for the Message-based Personal Health Coaching is what you pay to access the NexJ Connected Wellness experience and communicate with your Cancer Coach via secure messaging. Your subscription automatically renews every month unless you cancel. The coaching session price is an add-on to your subscription plan whenever you meet 1-on-1 with your Cancer Coach. Read our frequently asked questions to learn more.