Humber College’s Wellness Coaching Post Graduate Certificate Program is working with NexJ Health to provide students with practical experience using digital tools to enhance their coaching practice.

Toronto — May 21, 2024 — NexJ Health Inc. (“NexJ Health”), a provider of virtual care solutions for polychronic condition management and mental wellbeing, is proud to announce a collaboration with Humber College, one of Canada’s leading post-secondary institutions, to enhance their Wellness Coaching graduate certificate program by incorporating NexJ Connected Wellness into the core curriculum.

Humber’s Wellness Coaching certificate program provides students with the skills and knowledge for thriving careers in the field of health & wellness coaching. With practice on NexJ Connected Wellness woven into the program, students gain practical experience and in-depth understanding crucial for leveraging digital technology to improve the coaching relationship. From adapting motivational interviewing skills into asynchronous messaging to collecting and distributing health information to participants, students emerge from the program with a deep understanding of how technology can advance wellness coaching to get even better participant outcomes.

“We are excited to partner with NexJ Health to enhance our Wellness Coaching certificate program,” said Dr. Noah Gentner, Program Coordinator, Wellness Coaching Post Graduate Certificate at Humber College. “Through the use of NexJ Connected Wellness, our students will not only develop theoretical knowledge but also gain practical experience working with innovative digital approaches to coaching, distinguishing them from traditionally trained wellness coaches.”

By leveraging NexJ Connected Wellness’s advanced features and incorporating practical experiences into the curriculum, Humber College and NexJ Health aim to assist students in receiving the most advantageous health coaching education experience that goes beyond traditional academic learning.

“We’re pleased to partner with Humber College and support their commitment to educating the next generation of health coaches,” said Dr. Noah Wayne, Vice President of Clinical Programs at NexJ Health. “By incorporating NexJ Connected Wellness into the Humber College Wellness Coaching program, students will have the opportunity to develop the essential skills needed to excel in the field through academic learning and hands-on experience.”

The collaboration between Humber College and NexJ Health exemplifies a shared goal of promoting population health and wellbeing. As the next generation of health coaches enters the workforce, they will be well-equipped to support individuals and groups to make sustainable, positive changes in their lives.

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NexJ Health Inc. is a provider of patient-facing population health management solutions that deliver patient engagement for polychronic condition management and mental wellbeing. At NexJ Health, we believe that the most efficient and cost-effective way to offset the rise in chronic disease is to empower patients, with the support of their families, friends, and healthcare professionals, to actively participate in managing their own chronic condition(s). By engaging patients through NexJ Connected Wellness, we help to achieve healthcare’s quintuple aim: improve the patient experience, improve population health, lower the per capita cost of care, increase provider satisfaction, and deliver business efficiency. For more information about NexJ Health visit, email, or call 416-227-3700.

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