Patient-facing Population Health Management
Delivering Patient Engagement for Chronic Disease Management

Patients with chronic disease account for more than three-quarters of healthcare spending in North America. Their outcomes are mostly driven by medication adherence and lifestyle behaviors.

Engaging patients to help them better manage their chronic conditions simply makes sense.

It is healthcare's biggest untapped opportunity for improving the overall health of populations and patient experience while reducing the per capita cost of care.

NexJ Connected Wellness Platform & Mobile Apps

NexJ Connected Wellness is a patient-facing, digital platform for population health management that incorporates mobile and wearable technologies to deliver three essential elements of patient engagement for chronic disease management.

  • Education at the point of care using an audio-visual patient visit record that improves understanding and information retention.
  • Collaboration between patients, healthcare professionals, and family caregivers with patient-facing care plans to enable shared decision-making.
  • Motivation to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals through personal health coaching for sustainable behavior change.

Based on Evidence, Demonstrated at Trial

NexJ Health has invested in extensive research to develop a patient engagement solution that has been demonstrated to improve the patient experience, improve population health, and reduce the cost of healthcare.

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