An innovative model to address diabetes in underserved communities

Toronto — April 11, 2024 — NexJ Health Inc. (“NexJ Health”), provider of polychronic condition management and mental wellbeing solutions, is proud to announce the successful launch of an innovative initiative to train lay health coaches to help combat healthcare disparities and promote preventive care in underserved communities.

Delivered in partnership with the Black Creek Community Health Centre in Northwest Toronto, the initiative included a curriculum focused on the skills and knowledge of health behavior change theory and motivational interviewing geared towards individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. As part of the initiative, members of the community participated in weekly group coaching training sessions, that included topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress management and goal setting. These training sessions not only empowered the trainees to take charge of their own health but also equipped them with the skills to support individuals in their communities in preventing and managing similar health challenges.

In addition to the group coaching training sessions, trainees engaged in one-on-one coaching sessions with NexJ Health Coaches to refine their individual health goals and track progress. Each one was given access to NexJ Connected Wellness and were digitally connected to a team of health professionals including a NexJ Health Coach, and dietitians and nurses from the Black Creek Community Health Centre. This improved their ability to communicate with their health team through secure messaging, and a simple way of receiving personalized educational content.

The initiative’s impact extends beyond individual participants, as these community members now serve as beacons of health and wellness within their communities, sharing knowledge and support to uplift others.

“By sharing evidence-based innovations, this initiative empowers members of underserved communities to take health into their own hands. Involving community members in a co-design process is crucial to address imbalances in heath equity”, says Michelle Westin, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Black Creek Community Health Centre.

The first phase culminated in an end of program celebration where participants were joined by the NexJ Health team and members of the Black Creek Community Health Centre Diabetes Education Program to celebrate the successes achieved throughout the program.

“We are thrilled to see the positive impact that this initiative has had on the participants in this program,” said Daniela Liggio, President of NexJ Health. “By empowering everyday people with coaching skills, we are helping to foster a culture of health and wellness within the community.”

NexJ Health and the Black Creek Community Health Centre reaffirm their commitment to advancing health equity and fostering a culture of wellness while addressing SDOH barriers in underserved communities. By training lay health coaches, this model democratizes coaching skills, and helps to alleviate the burden on traditional healthcare providers while fostering meaningful connections and support networks within communities.

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About Black Creek Community Health Centre
Black Creek Community Health Centre (Black Creek CHC) is a respected multi-service agency serving Toronto’s North York West and adjacent communities since 1989. BCCHC works with individuals, families, and organizations to deliver comprehensive health services and programs that enable community members to receive the best care, where they live. Best known for their holistic healthcare approach, Black Creek CHC brings together and relies on the continued support of government, healthcare, and community partners to address the unique needs and challenges of the community.