Toronto — June 06, 2024 – NexJ Health Inc. (“NexJ”), a leading provider of virtual care solutions for chronic condition management and mental wellbeing, today announced a strategic alliance with Kona Medical Consulting (“Kona”), a nationally recognized, full-scope managed service organization (MSO) and consulting firm. This groundbreaking collaboration combines NexJ’s innovative health coaching programs with Kona’s extensive expertise and reach, creating a powerful, comprehensive solution designed to accelerate physician group success in the evolving value-based care landscape.

As healthcare continues its shift towards value-based models, organizations seek integrated, scalable solutions that address both patient outcomes and operational efficiency. NexJ’s evidence-based virtual programs, focused on whole-person health including chronic condition management and mental wellbeing, seamlessly complement Kona’s comprehensive suite of MSO services. This synergy empowers physician groups to not only enhance patient care but also streamline operations, optimize revenue cycles, and navigate complex regulatory requirements.

“This partnership is more than a collaboration – it’s a reimagining of what’s possible in value-based care,” said Janine Tatham, Vice President, Strategic Accounts at NexJ Health. “By combining Kona’s deep understanding of physician group needs with NexJ’s AI-enabled technology and patient-centric approach, we’re offering a truly transformative solution that goes beyond the sum of its parts.”

“Kona is dedicated to empowering physician groups to thrive in a changing healthcare environment,” said Donovan Miske, Executive Director of Kona Medical Consulting. “Our alliance with NexJ Health solidifies this commitment. By integrating NexJ’s health coaching programs into our comprehensive MSO offering, we’re providing our clients with an unparalleled advantage in delivering high-quality, patient-centered care that drives value across the entire healthcare ecosystem.”

The NexJ Connected Wellness platform, a core component of this integrated solution, enables seamless communication and collaboration between patients, providers, and care teams. Patients gain access to personalized health coaching, educational resources, and digital tools to track their progress, fostering engagement and self-management.

This strategic partnership represents a new era in value-based care, one where technology, expertise, and patient-centricity converge to create a holistic, high-impact solution for physician groups nationwide.

About NexJ Health Inc.
NexJ Health Inc. is a provider of patient-facing population health management solutions that deliver patient engagement for chronic disease prevention and management. At NexJ Health, we believe that the most efficient and cost-effective way to offset the rise in chronic disease is to empower patients, with the support of their families, friends, and healthcare professionals, to actively participate in managing their own chronic condition(s). By engaging patients through NexJ Connected Wellness, we help to achieve healthcare’s 5-part aim: improve the patient experience, improve population health, lower the per capita cost of care, increase provider satisfaction, and deliver business efficiency. For more information about NexJ Health visit, e-mail, or call 416-227-3700.

About Kona Medical Consulting
Kona Medical Consulting is a nationally recognized managed service organization (MSO) and consulting firm specializing in comprehensive solutions for healthcare providers. With a proven track record of success, Kona empowers physician groups and healthcare organizations to optimize operations, enhance patient care, and thrive in the value-based care landscape. Kona’s comprehensive suite of services includes practice management, technology integration, revenue cycle management, and strategic consulting.

Contact: Donovan Miske Executive Director Kona Medical Consulting 1111 Bellevue St Ste 225, Detroit, MI 48207 313-314-0617