Toronto, Ontario – March 11, 2019 – NexJ Health Inc. (“NexJ Health”), a provider of patient-facing population health management solutions, today announces they were selected by Yonge & York Mills Dental Centre to support their practice with a virtual care platform for patient engagement.

Through NexJ Connected Wellness, a cloud-based virtual care platform, the Yonge & York Mills Dental Centre team will be able to extend beyond the bricks and mortar of their clinic, to connect with and engage patients in their care. This will include interactive, infographic education, so patients can become educated and informed on their condition and treatment; personalized, diagnosis-based treatment plans; communication including secure text and video chat so patients can connect with their care team between visits; and image and document sharing, so patients can get real-time feedback on any questions, and share health documents with their wider circle of care. On the back-end, the dental clinic will have access to enterprise-wide population management tools, and reporting and analytics tools for diagnosis-based and treatment-based views of their population, enabling them to deliver the right care to the right patients at the right time.

Ensuring patients are properly educated and informed promotes healthy dental choices to achieve good oral health. Dr. Jeff Glaizel, Practitioner, Yonge & York Mills Dental Centre, says, “A more educated patient base leads to a greater understanding of dental conditions and what a recommendation for treatment means. NexJ Connected Wellness is the only solution that enables our office to track a patients’ diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.” Dr. Glaizel believes that patient engagement plays a significant role in patient-centred dentistry as it results in the patients’ ability to make better decisions for their oral care.

Dr. Glaizel anticipates that NexJ Connected Wellness will empower his team to make diagnoses, communicate those diagnoses through treatment plans based on current best practice, and then deliver analytics on their use. He also expects to expand his view of his patient population, by acquiring comprehensive and actionable data on patients’ behaviour, enabling him to provide more person-centered care. NexJ Health looks forward to supporting the Yonge & York Mills Dental Centre in extending the trusted dentist-patient relationship outside of the office for an enhanced patient and provider experience, improved patient retention, and improved health outcomes.

About NexJ Health Inc.
NexJ Health Inc. is a provider of patient-facing population health management solutions that deliver patient engagement for chronic disease management. At NexJ Health, we believe that the most efficient and cost-effective way to offset the rise in chronic disease is to empower patients, with the support of their families, friends, and healthcare professionals, to actively participate in managing their own chronic condition(s). By engaging patients through NexJ Connected Wellness, patients are more likely to achieve their health goals, payers can lower costs, providers can improve care to patients, and pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies can improve medication adherence. For more information about NexJ Health visit, e-mail, or call 416-227-3700.

About Yonge and York Mills Dental Centre
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