A research study on transforming physical and emotional health outcomes in rural, medically underserved, and low socioeconomic status communities 

Toronto — December 13, 2022 — NexJ Health Inc. (“NexJ Health”), provider of polychronic disease management and mental wellbeing solutions, announced today that James Madison University’s Center for Physical Activity and Wellness for the Underserved, Empowerment3, has selected NexJ Health to deliver health coaching in a research study including people with disabilities and older adults in Virginia, U.S.  

The Randomized Controlled Trial will focus on improving the physical and emotional health of people with disabilities, including those with physical, intellectual, autism, sensory or mental health challenges. The research study will also include older adults with chronic pain, diabetes, and hypertension. The target population will comprise of individuals from rural counties and those of low socioeconomic status who don’t have access to ongoing or high-quality healthcare.  

The Empowerment3 team will provide specialized training to the NexJ Health Coaches to enhance understanding of the participants’ unique health and wellness needs. Following the training, participants will be assigned to the control or intervention group. All participants will complete the initial assessment and meet with a health coach to discuss goals. Participants in the intervention group will receive up to eight video health coaching sessions while the control group only receives access to the program and secure messaging (no ongoing coaching sessions). All participants can communicate via messaging and video chat with their circle of care, including their caregivers and other health advocates. Accessible, multimedia, evidence-based content will be available for participants to learn about health behaviors. Participants will also receive access to in-person or virtual wellness classes in conjunction with the intervention. 

“We are thrilled to implement this program with NexJ Health to enable positive health behavior change among people with disabilities and older adults,” said Dr. Thomas Moran, Associate Professor of Kinesiology at James Madison University and Executive Director of Empowerment3. “Using NexJ Connected Wellness will improve accessibility of preventative and health promotion services while supporting individuals to take control of their health. Increasing health literacy, providing care coordination, and supporting behavior change helps people with disabilities and older adults to live independently and continue to thrive in their own community.” 

“We’re very pleased to be collaborating with James Madison University to support individuals with disabilities and older adults in self-managing their chronic conditions,” said Janine Tatham, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at NexJ Health.  

Beyond the initial trial, James Madison University and NexJ Health look forward to scaling the program to support a broader population, including veterans, in better managing their physical and emotional health. 

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