In collaboration with our partner HomeCall, the Call&Check program was launched with Jersey Post in the Isle of Jersey, and Safe and Connected with the Royal Mail in the UK. Both projects leverage the same approach, using postal workers on their usual postal rounds to check in on the well-being of vulnerable members of society and connecting them with supportive community resources, all for the cost of a registered letter.

The postal worker makes regular visits to “Call & Check” on the individual and asks five short questions to find out how the individual is feeling, and if they require any additional support. Responses are sent for action to the participant’s personal circle of care, including family, caregivers, and healthcare team members on NexJ Connected Wellness, running on the postal worker’s handheld device.

Call&Check has garnered global recognition, awards and interest. By better coordinating care, reducing pressure on traditional services, families and carers, and creating new revenue streams for the postal service.  

On a local level, the Toronto Star recently published an article highlighting the Call&Check program using NexJ Connected Wellness and cited a whitepaper published by the National Institute on Ageing (NIA), ‘Special Delivery: How Canadian Postal Workers Could Better Enable Ageing in the Right Place,’ that linked the program as a solution to help address lonely older adults.   

Read the full article here: Can Canada Post workers be the answer for checking on lonely seniors?