Toronto (April 14, 2020) – NexJ Health Inc., a provider of patient and family-facing engagement solutions for chronic disease management, announced today the Connecting2gether research study being conducted in collaboration with The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is underway. Connecting2gether will explore the use of NexJ Health’s virtual care technology platform, NexJ Connected Wellness for helping children with medical complexities and their families. The joint initiative was selected as one of 12 innovative projects to be supported by the Government of Ontario, through OCE. The made-in-Ontario Innovations use cutting-edge health technologies to bring better care closer to home, and deliver value to the health-care system.

Parents with children followed by the SickKids Complex Care Program have been recruited to participate in the Connecting2gether study. The platform provides participants with secure access to their child’s care plans and remote access to information across the continuum of care while allowing families and their care providers to communicate and collaborate.

A key feature being evaluated is the ability to create an online care map that can be shared with others. Care maps are created by a patient and their family and provide a visual representation of the treatments, therapies, and social interactions that are a part of the child’s daily routine.

Care maps provide an understanding of the child’s medical complexity and the family’s needs. They also communicateCare Map both the big picture and the small details in terms of all the resources required for ongoing support, ensuring that the child is fully supported at home and if visiting a hospital or health-care provider not visited previously.

“We are thrilled to be providing the SickKids research team with NexJ Connected Wellness to evaluate its ability to help children with complex medical conditions and their families navigate the health-care system and hopefully improve coordination between families and care providers,” said William M. Tatham, Founder and Executive Chair of NexJ Health.

NexJ Health anticipates this project will serve as an exemplar of how technology can be used to improve care coordination for children with medical complexity, enabling regional pediatric care.

The Connecting2gether research study has reached its maximum number of participants and is no longer recruiting.

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