TORONTO, Ontario, June 23, (“” or the “Company”) and NexJ Health Inc. (“NexJ Health”) are pleased to announce the official market launch of GoToHealthCoach, a new offering combining virtual health and wellness coaching with primary care and pharmacist support, which will be made broadly available to insurance providers and employers across Canada.

GoToHealthCoach is a comprehensive, personalized bundle of services focusing on mental wellness and polychronic disease management for employees. This multi-channel virtual care solution uniquely combines the medical support of primary care physicians, with evidence-based virtual care programs and personalized health coaching using a cost-effective, person-centered, holistic approach.

Following a successful pilot rollout, the GoToHealthCoach program is now available to insurance providers, benefit brokers and direct to employer markets. Significantly different from other wellness programs in the market, GoToHealthCoach shows an 81% engagement of eligible individuals participating in the program compared to the typical 40% seen in most workplace wellness programs.[1] In addition, GoToHealthCoach continues to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from physicians and their patients.

Employees enrolled in GoToHealthCoach will receive:

  • An evidence-based virtual care platform with access to a personalized program for mental, physical, and financial well-being
  • Primary physician care with assessments, treatments and referrals when needed
  • A personal Health Coach referred by the physician for one-on-one support on healthy behaviors to improve diet and nutrition, physical activity, sleep, mindfulness, and medication adherence

“The combination of our virtual health coaching and Gotodoctor’s physician care was a natural fit to better support patients,” said Janine Tatham, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at NexJ Health. “We look forward to making this joint offering available to a broader population. The program supports both the employers and employees in addressing and promoting mental health and wellness in the workplace, while increasing resiliency.”

One of the key benefits of the GoToHealthCoach program is that it’s affordable and efficient by leveraging NexJ Health’s coaching solutions and available public funding for physician assessment. The program provides an expanded circle of care that connects employees with primary physician care, specialists, and other referrals when required. In addition, the program continues to demonstrate high adoption and utilization; by combining with physician referrals, employees’ acceptance and compliance significantly increase.

“As one of the first products in Canada that truly integrates virtual physician care and personal health coaching for patients, we are excited about making this program available to insurance companies and employers to support their members and employees,” said Tommy Cheung, CEO of  “The high engagement rate is a direct result of the physician recommendations and health team support. This innovative bundled program differentiates from other selective silo health support programs and delivers value-for-money to its subscribers.”

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[1] RAND Corporation. (2015). Workplace Wellness Programs. Retrieved May 31, 2022, from,median%20rate%20of%2040%20percent.