Please take a moment to read our statement and pledge below.

The ongoing reality of racism, injustice and violence towards the Black community have led the team at NexJ Health to pause and reflect on our responsibility to address systemic issues that impact people’s health and livelihood. We believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe that everyone has a right to live to their fullest potential, but that systemic barriers prevent Black, Indigenous, and people of colour from achieving this potential. We believe that person-centered health delivered through our virtual care platform can help advance health equity and enable all people – regardless of race, colour, creed, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, or disability – achieve their fullest health potential.  

At NexJ Health, we make this pledge:

  1. Our educational health content for participants and providers is inclusive, culturally appropriate, and represents diverse audiences
  2. Our onboarding of health coaches and staff includes training on health equity and understanding of how systemic discrimination and racism impact health and society 
  3. Our programs for preventing and managing chronic disease are inclusive and serve all people – especially those who would benefit most. We advise partners on recruitment strategies to promote equitable access, and take a person-centered approach to coaching to foster a strong therapeutic alliance
  4. Our population health data includes the collection and analysis of socio-demographic data, that is evaluated to improve program outcomes and advance health equity. We commit to describing the broader issues contributing to differences in health outcomes to responsibly report on health inequities
  5. Our team is a collection of diverse people with different approaches and points of view that are celebrated and supported. Our shared mission on delivering population health is what ties us together

NexJ Health stands in solidarity with the Black community and we pledge to embody these 5 statements in everything we do. We will continue to develop and improve our understanding of the work that is needed to eliminate systemic barriers to health, improve access to person-centered healthcare, and achieve equitable health outcomes for all people.