NexJ Health Partners with The Ottawa Hospital to Launch Long COVID Research Study

Toronto — December 3, 2021 — NexJ Health Inc. (NexJ Health), a provider of advanced virtual care solutions for chronic disease prevention and management, announces that researchers at The Ottawa Hospital will be evaluating the use of NexJ Connected Wellness in a clinical trial to deliver online care to patients suffering from long COVID symptoms.  For many patients with COVID-19, symptoms cease within four weeks of infection. Unfortunately, more than 35% [1] of patients experience symptoms well beyond the acute infection phase. The most common…

NexJ Health Supports Indigenous Youth Through Mental Health, Substance Use and Addictions Program

Toronto – September 1, 2021 – NexJ Health Inc. (NexJ Health), a provider of advanced virtual care solutions for chronic disease prevention and management, announces that Resource Assistance for Youth, Inc. (RaY) has selected NexJ Connected Wellness to launch a mental health, substance use and addictions program, RaY Wired. The program will be…

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