Make Healthy Changes
A personal health coach can empower you to make changes that will have a positive, lasting impact on your health. In your health coaching program, you will receive:

  • One-on-one support from your personal health coach
  • Access to the NexJ Connected Wellness digital health platform
  • Daily online exercise and mindfulness meditation sessions
  • The ability to sync your favorite wearable device
  • Health education content relevant to you
  • Social support from our Connected Wellness community

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Expert Support, Every Step of the Way
Your health coach is a regulated health care professional who helps you set and achieve personal health goals including:

  • Managing Stress
  • Regular Exercise
  • Improving Diet
  • Improving Diabetes Management
  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Mental Health Support

Your Program Price
NexJ Health personal health coaching pricing
Access to the NexJ Connected Wellness platform 1
Online exercise & mindfulness sessions 2
Wellness Trackers to Measure Healthy Habits 3
Expertly curated workbooks 4
* The amount for the Message-based Personal Health Coaching is what you pay to access the NexJ Connected Wellness experience. Your subscription automatically renews every month unless you cancel. The coaching session price is an add-on to your subscription plan whenever you meet 1-on-1 with your Health Coach. Read our frequently asked questions to learn more.
What others are saying about our personal health coaching
“I was hesitant about meal tracking at first because of negative experiences with diet culture. I like that there isn’t much judgement placed on the tracking, it’s just observing. I especially enjoy that nothing so far has been tied to weight! Very refreshing! I also appreciate being in a program that doesn’t rely on personal shame and/or using public celebration of (weight loss only) milestones as a way to try and motivate under performers!”
“The coaching kept me motivated. Your questions and comments kept me motivated. I found being able to see progress in weight loss, blood pressure and walking was convenient without going to several different applications. It is nice all information is in one place.”
“Hi Health Coach, I really appreciate your continual support even when I felt discouraged. I did enjoy the reminders for dinner and exercise. They kept me on track. I enjoyed the health forum though I didn’t have time to participate as I wanted but the information shared were inspiring. I hope to continue with the healthy habits. I eat more vegetables now and fruits.”
“I want to thank all of you since I started a year ago I have lost 15kg, walk one hour a day and do weights every second day. I am eating better. I am 74 have no pains and am on no drugs.”
“I enjoy the NexJ app very much for its flexibility on the trackers. I was never able to find trackers that could help with uncommon medical conditions and medication dosage that varies every day. Having access to the library, workbooks and exercise videos are a great way to keep this program even more interactive. The workbooks are a great way to have me reflect and have positive changes. I appreciate having our main goal at the top of the app page as a daily reminder.”