Increase Medication Adherence

Big pharma and pharmacies know that medication adherence to prescription medications is fundamental to managing most chronic diseases.  Studies show that patients correctly retain only 14% of what their doctor tells them at the point of care. As a result, 20-30% of prescriptions are never filled, 70% of patients do not renew their prescriptions after the first year, and up to 50% of patients prescribed a medication are non-adherent.

The impact of non-adherence on patient outcomes and healthcare costs is significant. For example, some studies indicate that the United States spends nearly US$300 billion a year on unnecessary health services use due to medication non-adherence.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on NexJ Connected Wellness to deliver patient support programs that go ‘beyond the pill’ to engage chronic disease patient populations for better medication and lifestyle behaviors that augment the health benefit of medications.

Retail pharmacies use NexJ Connected Wellness to go beyond simply giving patients an online view of their medications and the ability to request refills online. They can also build customer loyalty and facilitate expanded scope of practice for pharmacy staff.

Improve medication adherence by educating your patients on why they need to take their meds and giving them the support to succeed.

Help your patients understand the importance of taking their medications, and give them the support they need to succeed.  Patients can track their medication usage and be prompted to order refills. At a glance, the patient’s healthcare professionals can monitor patient adherence and can message those who need extra support.  They can also enlist the support of the patient’s family and friends.

Build brand awareness with patients and healthcare professionals with sponsored content.

Pharma manufacturers can build brand awareness with healthcare professionals and patients by sponsoring the creation of custom teaching decks. These decks offer the opportunity to express your product in plain language and infographics that HCPs can use to improve patient understanding and information retention. Learn more.

Increase interactions with your patients, and grow customer loyalty.

NexJ Connected Wellness enables pharmacists to transform the way they interact with their patients, improving loyalty, product utilization, and sales over the long term.  Patients will interact more frequently with the pharmacy as part of a long-term care plan and wellness plan, aimed at improving the patient’s quality of life.  In this context, pharmacists will become a trusted source of guidance, support, products and services.