Help Your Patients Understand and Remember What they Need to Do and Why

Imagine healthcare professionals (HCPs) as highly efficient, world-class educators. Imagine patients who leave their medical encounters informed, engaged, and ready to act.  Imagine healthcare stakeholders having a new channel to deliver value to both the clinician and the patient. Introducing NexJ Health Pro, a game-changing patient education iPad app, designed to help HCPs address poor health literacy and non-adherence by improving point-of-care teaching skills.

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Research shows that patients only accurately retain 14% of what their healthcare professionals tell them (Kessels, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine). NexJ Health Pro addresses this by delivering the critical information patients need, using plain language and infographics to improve patient understanding and information retention. This, in turn, liberates HCPs from unnecessary call backs and follow-ups, improving productivity—with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes.

HCPs choose from an extensive library of teaching presentations, designed to make condition and treatment conversations engaging, memorable and actionable. Content is current and developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals including key opinion leaders, patient groups and associations. The decks are available in varying lengths to fit within the HCPs particular time constraints.

During an office visit, the HCP takes the patient through the presentation, captures audio of the conversation and adds notes, annotations, images, photos, test results, etc. The outcome is a personalized Patient Visit Record (PVR), an exact copy (in video form and as a PDF) of the teaching presentation that patients can access through NexJ Connected Wellness. The video version includes a voice recording of the patient-HCP conversation, as well as any annotations, images and notes you made. The patient can review the conversation at home and share it with their family, friends and other members of their Circle of Care – anyone the patient chooses.

Each deck also includes a range of relevant, reliable, online resources for additional learning. Once your patients start using NexJ Connected Wellness, they will have the ability to actively participate in managing their own health and wellness. They can connect to their extended care team of HCPs, family and friends, share their personal health information with them, and collaborate more effectively together.

Behavior change can be difficult.  Patients who need support to adhere to their care plan will benefit from personal health coaching, which provides patients with the  support they need, when they need it.  Patients gain a better understanding of how their actions affect their personal health goals and needs, driving sustainable behavior change. As a result, patient adherence and outcomes improve.

Key Benefits

  • Created by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals
  • Content is current and developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals including key opinion leaders, patient groups and associations
  • Content is prepared in a format that enables any healthcare professional to be a brilliant educator
  • Patients are empowered to better outcomes through improved understanding and information retention
  • A completely new channel that pharma sponsors can use to improve patient start, adherence and on-going digital relationships