What Our Health Coaching Clients Are Saying

I am so happy with how things are going. The platform is great. I am so happy my sugars are down. You are easy to work with, helpful, and without you I would have never started walking. Thank you.

– Male with Type 2 diabetes, 59 years old

I sincerely thank you and the NexJ Connected Wellness program for providing me an excellent service and teaching all the tools I can apply how to manage diabetes. The program helps me so much with the tools provided using the wellness plan. I can track my blood glucose, exercise, food, blood pressure and my weight. I saw my progress as a result my blood glucose is in control, I lost 15 pounds and my family doctor stop my blood pressure medication. I am very confident and motivated to continue what I have learned from the program better total wellness.

– Female with Type 2 diabetes, 44 years old

The project is well thought out and I find the coach to be extremely knowledgeable and supportive. As a newly diagnosed Type 2, I had the good fortune to see a diabetes educator who referred me to this program. [The health coach] has been amazing. Her suggestions, literature choices, and non-judgmental attitude are much appreciated. I am not a technology expert, so [the Coach] is able to offer work arounds to help in this regard. I am also not one accustomed to participating in projects or group work on a personal level, so she has made this experience quite comfortable. I have and am learning several ways to manage my diabetes and feel much better about my ability to make the right choices.

– Female with Type 2 diabetes, 65 years old

When I was approached by my diabetes educator if I would like to enroll in a program that provides access to the NexJ Connected Wellness program, I thought why not, I have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

After my first phone interview with [my health coach] I felt excited to be part of this program. [She] has encouraged me to keep a food journal, get moving (exercise) and to track my blood glucose readings and moods. She has helped me to set goals and has been extremely supportive in helping me to achieve them. To anyone who has the opportunity to access the program, I would encourage them wholeheartedly. It has definitely helped me in my struggle with diabetes.

– Female with Type 2 diabetes, 66 years old

I have just completed a 12 week Connected Wellness Program. The experience was most rewarding. My knowledge base, with regard to particular health issues, was enhanced considerably. Credit for the success of this program is, in large part, a result of the most professional work of my health coach, [who] was very knowledgeable and well organized. She took time to efficiently determine my needs and to develop real and measurable objectives within the confines of a 12 week program. It is a pleasure for me to give this testimonial.

– Male with Type 2 diabetes, 75 years old

I have been diabetic for 14 years now and have not wanted this to control my life. Initially I was very diligent in watching my diet and exercise but after a few years I grew tired of doing so and that’s when I started to gain some weight.

I have come to the realization that since diabetes is a progressive disease, I really need to be vigilant in caring for myself. This program and my coach have gently but firmly encouraged me in this direction and I am seeing some positive results. My AIC has decreased , my daily sugars are improved, I have lost some weight and, imagine this!!! I am enjoying exercising!!

– Female with Type 2 diabetes, 66 years old

Recently I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with the NexJ Connected Wellness program. I found my 12 week program to be very helpful in a number of ways. First it was very easy to use the apps on the site to manage inputs on a regular basis. Secondly, a skilled coach was available at all times to assist in motivation and gentle challenges to keep me on track. I found the motivation to improve was greatly helped by having someone monitor my progress and setbacks. Basically I felt accountable to someone besides myself to achieve my stated goals.

Tracking my progress through the program was easy and did not take much time. A number of the provided apps work with third party fitness providers and eliminate or reduce the need to make manual inputs. My fitness band was not on the supported list but even with that the time it took to input my data was perhaps 5 minutes at most. As data accumulated a review of my progress via charts was helpful and something I looked forward to seeing. These charts would show me areas where I was strong and in addition I could identify the places that needed more work. My coach reviewed these charts as well and with regular contact and with gentle and encouraging suggestions helped me refine and reflect on the things that are important for my health.

The program provides a resource for data collection and analysis and then the human contact which gives additional motivation. For my own experience I cannot emphasize enough the help that the coach provided. In reflection I would say that hardly a week went by when I faced a challenge or two that had the potential to distract me from reaching one of the goals. The coach was always there to help me come up with strategies to meet the challenge. Having someone with good listening skills was important for me to aid in self-awareness. My coach would help via probes and reflective listening. This in turn gave me the insight and boost in helping me provide my own solutions as well as challenges in overcoming any potential roadblock.

This is a helpful program for someone like myself with a chronic condition. I am better off for having the opportunity to participate and recommend the service to others.

– Male with Type 2 diabetes, 61 years old

Research Trial Participants Share their Experiences using NexJ Health Coach to Better Manage their Type 2 Diabetes

Published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

NexJ Health Coach Mobile App

Smartphone Utility

I…liked it…sending all the information to my health coach. I didn’t have to tell her.

I could just take a picture…worth a thousand words…a visual record of what I have eaten…

It was not hard to use, the health coach explained everything.

It was a helpful reminder of keeping a check on my blood…what I eat…what I shouldn’t…what portion.


…what I’m eating, what I’m putting in my (mouth)…I take a picture of it…, …it made me think… about what I’m going to eat. This is the right way…the wrong way…it trained me. I still do the same thing…it helped…a lot.

You…question yourself on…feedback…you can…look back…you know something. “So, here…my blood sugar reacts to that meal…therefore…I need to reduce the portion.

The Health Coach

Overall Health Coach Qualities

…very persistent (with) monitoring what I have been eating…as soon as I sent a picture they would call back immediately…if they were not satisfied… they would let me know. They didn’t wait…a week or so.

Health Coach Supportive Role

I think this study helped me emotionally a lot, more than physical, I feel emotionally happy. That is important to me.

Working Together

…we talk about everything that is going on in my life. What happened? Why is (my sugar)…a little bit higher (or) lower.

He …was teaching me how to exercise and … was pushing me to hard work…and it was good for my diabetes.

It was like the doctor looking at you. I have to do this, I have to test my blood sugar, I have to test my pressure, how much exercise… at the end of the day… Your meal, what you eat…you have this eye looking at you on the phone.

(Smartphone) was my watcher. Somebody is watching you through your eyes…it was so interesting, (my) whole family was involved…

Focal Activities

We never discussed medication, I let (the health coach) know what I was taking, and brought them in.

(If) My sugar (is) high, (health coach) will explain…there can be things to eat or something to drink to make sure it’s okay.

…the exercise has an important part of the treatment, so (the health coach) was very aware that I’m doing the right exercise, how many times…how many minutes in a week.n.

Overall Experience

When I first came here…I was in really bad shape. (My) sugar was very high. The A1c was high…My goal was to really get everything… normal…that’s what we achieved.

The program is a big motivation in my life…it’s a positive thing for me…with all that’s going on I need positive things.