Help Patients Adopt and Sustain Healthier Behaviors

Personal health coaching delivered using NexJ Connected Wellness is used by healthcare professionals (HCPs) to provide on-going support to individuals so they can better manage their chronic conditions and achieve their health and wellness goals.

Health coaching is a non-diagnostic, non-prescriptive health discipline that solely focuses on helping patients establish autonomous goals, and actualize them by adhering to practical, daily, incremental plans. The solution is used to establish a trusted relationship (a “therapeutic alliance”) between patients and providers, which is shown to be the most important variable for achieving positive behavior change.

To anyone who has the opportunity to access the program, I would encourage them wholeheartedly. It has definitely helped me in my struggle with diabetes. — 66 year old female with type 2 diabetes

Personal Health Coaching delivered through a Multi-channel Therapeutic Alliance

An HCP such as a health coach works with the patient to understand their motivational drivers and establish autonomous wellness goals, while being sensitive to ethno-cultural, socio-economic, situational and disease status. Together, they create a personalized wellness plan.

Using the NexJ Health Coach mobile app, the patient captures self-assessed biometrics such as weight, blood glucose, and blood pressure, and tracks daily activities such as exercise, food intake, as well as subjective information such as how he or she feels.  Patients can also automatically capture their personal health information (i.e., distance, weight, sleep) with wearable health devices (i.e., Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Withings).  On the NexJ Connected Wellness platform, patients can view their progress charts and compare multiple trackers against one another.

The HCP can view patient progress on NexJ Connected Wellness and leverages multiple channels to provide positive encouragement and feedback and build a trusted provider-patient relationship. As a result, patients develop a better understanding of the relationship between their behaviors, their biometric measurements, and how they feel, and are motivated to adopt and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

All patient data is captured in NexJ Connected Wellness and the HCP can monitor the progress of his or her entire population of patients using online dashboards. At a glance, the HCP can see who is on track and who isn’t, drill in to the patient’s progress charts for more information, and provide on-going feedback through secure messaging.