Experienced Health Coaches Available When You Need Them

Many healthcare professionals (HCPs) already deliver health coaching to their patients.  For example, after a patient is diagnosed with a chronic condition, the HCP may educate the patient about their illness, work with the patient to develop a personalized wellness plan to meet the patient’s goals, and conduct follow-up evaluations to see how the patient is doing with their plan.  Often times, these patient-HCP interactions occur face-to-face.

With NexJ Health Coach, HCPs have an opportunity to efficiently deliver more care to more patients with better results. HCPs well-suited to carrying out personal health coaching include:

  • Diabetes Educators
  • Dietitians
  • Pharmacists
  • Community Nurses
  • Peer Navigators
  • Family Physicians
  • Specialists
  • Acute Care Providers
  • Certified Exercise Physiologists
  • Dentists

For organizations that don’t have access to health coach resources, NexJ Health can help.  We can provide access to regulated HCPs who are experienced health coaches, with knowledge in behavior change psychology, motivational interviewing, nutrition and physical activity, to empower people to adopt long-term behavior change.

…hardly a week went by when I faced a challenge or two that had the potential to distract me from reaching one of the goals. The coach was always there to help me come up with strategies to meet the challenge. — 61 year old male with type 2 diabetes

NexJ Health Coaching services are comprised of four components:

Develop Health Coaching Content and Protocols Develop Health Coaching Content and Protocols – Health coaching content and protocols can be tailored for the specific needs of defined patient populations. Protocols are continuously reviewed and refined based on continuous research advances and trials.

Train Health CoachesTrain Health Coaches – Health coaches are trained on the use of the platform, how to coach using the platform, and health coaching protocols.

Provide Health Coaching ServicesProvide Health Coaching Services – Coaching can be provided directly by a NexJ health coach or arranged through one of NexJ Health’s third-party coaching partners. Health coaches provide personal health coaching for chronic disease management. Multiple health coaches may be assigned to support a population. Supervisors monitor data to ensure coaches are properly allocated and re-balanced.

Provide Health Coaching OversightProvide Health Coaching Oversight- This service involves ensuring mechanisms are in place to identify when a patient’s medical or psychological issues require escalation and referral to healthcare professionals that have an appropriate scope of practice.

Learn more about NexJ’s Health Coaching protocols.