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How Your Smart Phone and a Professional Health Coach Can Help Keep You Out of the Waiting Room

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The Connected Health and Wellness Project is a New People-Centred, Technology-Enabled Health & Wellness System that Incorporates Technology and Health Coaching to Promote Healthy Living

For most Canadians, waiting to see their family doctor is the typical way to access their health information. But imagine having all of your health information in one place that you control and can access easily through your smart phone, laptop or any device with a browser. Imagine being able to share that information with the people you trust such as your parents, children or siblings, or a professional health team, including a health coach for expert advice and support to help you reach your personal health goals.

York University’s Faculty of Health, in collaboration with major partners NexJ Systems Inc. and McMaster University, along with 13 additional Ontario based organizations from the private sector, academia and the healthcare industry, have come together to turn this vision into a reality…

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