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Canadian Healthcare Technology – Canadian technology makes patients partners in their own healthcare

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Using technology from NexJ Systems known as NexJ Transitional Care Management, this people-centered approach to healthcare gives patients a “digitized care plan” that enhances shared decision-making between them and their doctors. It also allows easier handoffs between physicians and non-MDs/nurses for improved follow-up and monitoring of care beyond the office visit.

…Thanks to a partnership with NexJ Systems, a Toronto-based provider of cloud-based software delivering enterprise relationship management solutions to the healthcare, financial services and insurance industries, Beth Israel Deaconess is embarking on creating a digitized bidirectional care plan between the patient and physician that can outline potential causes of the presenting problem, justify how tests and treatments would change management, define timelines for follow-up, address the patient’s thoughts and concerns, and access the latest info in real-time with the patient to define best practices through trusted content.

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