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I am excited to announce that NexJ Health has made great progress over the last year with our health technology platform for advanced virtual care, NexJ Connected Wellness. Programs delivered on our platform represent some of the best health technology innovations for population health management in the world today. In addition to producing terrific clinical outcomes, our projects are receiving significant publicity in Canada and the United Kingdom. Some key programs include Activate with the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Ontario and BC, Call & Check with Jersey Post in the Isle of Jersey, Safe and Connected with Royal Mail in the UK, and Cancer Coaching with Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in Ontario.

Activate with the Heart and Stroke Foundation
Activate is a virtual care program for hypertension prevention that leverages NexJ Connected Wellness, NexJ’s health coaching protocol and educational content, and health coaches from both NexJ and our partner at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Key innovative aspects include:

  • Proactive population health management with trained volunteers in the community at drugstores, YMCAs, and corporate offices to measure people’s blood pressure and screen them for pre-hypertension.
  • Health coaching support on lifestyle behavior changes needed to manage blood pressure without medication.
  • Seamlessly shifting service delivery for patient care across multiple providers with low and medium risk participants coached by NexJ’s team of coaches, and high risk participants coached by the Ottawa Heart Institute.
  • High Engagement with 87% of participants in the program engaging in healthy behaviors.
  • Statistically and clinically significant outcomes with an average systolic blood pressure reduction of 5.2mmHg for the first cohort.
  • A $3.4M social impact bond with private investors, facilitated through the MaRS Centre, was the source of funding. The Public Health Agency of Canada will pay the investors a return of 6.7% if the program keeps average blood pressure stable and 8.8% if blood pressure is reduced. Due to the ongoing success of this project, we expect the bond should pay out the full amount.


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Call&Check and Safe and Connected with HomeCall
In collaboration with our partner HomeCall, we have launched Call&Check with Jersey Post in the Isle of Jersey, and Safe and Connected with the Royal Mail in the UK. Both projects leverage the same approach, using postal workers on their usual postal rounds to check in on the well-being of vulnerable members of society and connecting them with supportive community resources, all for the cost of a registered letter.

The postal worker makes regular visits to “Call & Check” on the individual and ask five short questions to find out how the individual is feeling and if they require any additional support. Responses are sent for action by NexJ Connected Wellness running on the postal worker’s handheld device to the participant’s personal circle of care, including family, caregivers, and healthcare team members.

Call&Check™ with Jersey Post, Enabling the Frail and Elderly to Live at Home Longer
The Call&Check program with Jersey Post targets socially isolated, frail individuals and focuses on meeting the needs of this growing elderly population who may require some additional support to continue living confidently in their own home.

“…Call&Check has garnered global recognition, awards and interest. By better coordinating care, reducing pressure on traditional services, families and carers, and creating new revenue streams for the postal service, Call&Check is a win-win-win,” explained Phil Romeril, Director of Call&Check Jersey. “Customers love it. They feel supported and more confident in their own homes knowing someone they trust is looking out for them.”

Safe and Connected with Royal Mail, Supporting the UK Government’s Strategy for Tackling Loneliness
The Safe and Connected program with Royal Mail uses the Call & Check strategy to addresses loneliness, social isolation and elder abuse. This program is funded by the Home Office and directly supports Prime Minister Theresa May’s first cross-Government strategy for tackling loneliness, as outlined in A Connected Society: A Strategy For Tackling Loneliness – laying the foundations for change.

Loneliness is linked to a range of damaging health impacts, like heart disease, strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. Nearly a fifth of UK adults feel lonely most or all of the time and this is “one of the greatest public health challenges of our time,” according to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Having the postal worker call and check helps frail elderly people living alone feel safe and connected. It all starts with a familiar and friendly face asking, “Hello, how are you today?”

The program has launched in 3 sites, including North Yorkshire, Liverpool and the Borough of Kingston.

Key innovative aspects of these projects include:

  • Extending the circle of care to include support from postal workers, volunteer and social services enabling people-centered health and population health management.
  • Increased social contact and improved connection to the community, so people can live well and independently in their own homes for much longer.
  • Valuable savings for health providers, local and central governments by taking a preventative approach that helps avoid significant downstream costs associated with episodic care, including doctor visits, emergency department visits, and the need for mental health services.
  • Social fulfillment and job satisfaction for postal workers and new strategic revenue streams for postal services.


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Cancer Coaching provided by Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation
Cancer coaching is a health and social care service developed by the Cancer Foundation for individuals and their family who have been touched by cancer. Individuals are paired with a personal cancer coach who provides psychosocial support for practical, informational, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

This project expands access to cancer coaching and support for patients across eastern Ontario beyond the bricks and mortar of the clinic, and provides virtual access to education, practical guidance, navigation assistance, and content to help meet health and wellness goals and improve quality of life.

This a great example of advanced virtual care filling an essential unmet need.


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We are very pleased with the success of these innovative initiatives. We remain committed to transforming healthcare to improve the patient experience, improve population health, lower the per capita cost of care, increase provider satisfaction and deliver business efficiency. Our mission now is to drive further scale and spread of our advanced virtual care solutions in domestic, US and global markets. We will be raising additional investment capital shortly. If you have an interest in investing, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Errol Singer, Chief Financial Officer, at



William M. Tatham

Executive Chair, NexJ Health Inc.