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“Helping Patients Take Charge of Their Chronic Illnesses” – Series On Achieving Value by Empowering Patients

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Fifteen years ago the value of empowering patients with chronic disease was articulated succinctly in the Journal for Family Practice Management. Healthcare leaders have long strived to shift the paradigm of patients as ‘passive recipients’ of care to patients as ‘active participants’ in managing their own health and wellness. Yet since 2000, the overwhelming majority of health IT spending has been invested in formal health services improvement, even while we know these services account for only 10-15% of health and wellness.

We’ve written a lot about ‘patient activation’ in this space, but we’ve learned this paradigm shift is better characterized as ‘patient empowerment’.

This series begins to explore the how key healthcare players can achieve value by empowering patients.

  1. Three Steps for Healthcare Payers to Save Money by Empowering Patients
  2. Three Steps for Healthcare Providers to Improve Care by Empowering Patients
  3. Three Steps for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to Grow Business by Empowering Patients
  4. Three Steps for Pharmacy Retailers to Build Customer Loyalty by Empowering Patients