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Welcome to the NexJ Health Blog!

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Welcome to our health blog. In each post, the NexJ Health team will share ideas, opinions and thoughts in an effort to catalyze discussion and debate with the healthcare community. Our focus will be on the role each of us can play in managing our own health.

Borrowing a concept from Dr. Vaughan Glover, a pioneer in People-Centered Health, right now there are virtually 7 billion healthcare systems in the world. Approximately 370 million are in the U.S. alone and another 35 million are in Canada.

Each of us is at the center of our own unique health system, enabled and limited by such things as socio-economic status, health literacy, proximity to services, formal (providers) and informal (family, friends, advocates) networks of support, the environments we live in, and the value systems we each maintain. With so many variables to consider, how is possible that we can standardize the healthcare system to meet each individual’s unique needs? With each new patient there is a new health system to interact with, and thus a unique opportunity and means of helping them achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

We are faced with the need to transform the way our health systems operate for sheer survival. The explosion of new technology and innovation has put the cumulative power of humanity’s experience and wisdom in the palms of our hands. With this in mind, we aim to explore how we can all exploit these opportunities to improve the way care is delivered, the way it is received, and the value it provides to individuals, organizations, nations, and humanity at large.

We look forward to interacting with you!