Drive sustainable behavior change

NexJ Health CoachNexJ Health Coach is used to deliver on-going support to individuals so they can better manage their chronic conditions (i.e., Type 2 diabetes or hypertension) and achieve their health and wellness goals.

NexJ Health Coach connects people to a health coach who helps the individual establish their wellness goals and create a wellness plan.  Using a mobile device or through the web, the individual captures their biometrics such as weight, blood glucose, and blood pressure, and track their daily activities such as exercise, food intake, as well as subjective information such as how they feel.

Using online dashboards, coaches review the information and can provide on-going feedback through secure messaging. By understanding the relationship between their behaviors, their biometric measurements, and how they feel, individuals will have increased motivation to drive sustained behavior change to improve their wellness.

Key Benefits

Improve Patient Communication

Deliver Care to More Patients with Chronic Conditions
Work remotely with populations of patients and support them in managing chronic diseases by reviewing patient progress against treatment plans, sending secure messages to provide guidance and encouragement, and by sharing trusted content to educate them about their conditions.

Lower Claims

Lower Claims
Plan members who adhere to shared care plans and adopt a healthier lifestyle are less likely to file health insurance claims.

Drive Sustainable Behavior Change

Drive Sustainable Behavior Change
With support and feedback provided by coaches, patients develop an understanding of the relationship between their behaviors, biometric measurements, how they feel, and their wellness.