Drive sustainable behavior change

Personal health coaching delivered using NexJ Health Coach enables healthcare professionals (HCPs) to provide on-going support to individuals so they can better manage their chronic conditions (i.e., Type 2 diabetes or hypertension) and achieve their health and wellness goals.

Patients can connect to a personal health coach who helps them establish their wellness goals and create a personalized wellness plan.  Using the NexJ Health Coach mobile app or through the web, the patient captures their self-assessed biometrics such as weight, blood glucose, and blood pressure, and track their daily activities such as exercise, food intake, as well as subjective information such as how they feel.  Patients can also automatically capture their personal health information with their wearable health device. Patients can view their progress charts, and compare multiple trackers against one another.

Working remotely, the health coach uses online dashboards available through NexJ Connected Wellness to monitor progress for their population of patients. The coach can see at a glance who is on track and who isn’t and provide on-going feedback through secure messaging. Through this support, patients acquire a better understanding of the relationship between their behaviors, their biometric measurements, and how they feel, driving the motivation they need to encourage positive, sustainable behavior change.

Improve Patient Outcomes with Personal Health Coaching – Video

Improving outcomes requires that patients have the support, knowledge, and motivation to better manage their chronic conditions.

Improve Patient Outcomes with Personal Health Coaching

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Key Benefits

Improve Patient Communication

Deliver Care to More Patients with Chronic Conditions
Work remotely with populations of patients and support them in managing chronic diseases by reviewing patient progress against treatment plans, sending secure messages to provide guidance and encouragement, and by sharing trusted content to educate them about their conditions.

Drive Sustainable Behavior Change

Drive Sustainable Behavior Change
Through on-going support and encouragement provided by their coach, patients develop an understanding of the relationship between their behaviors, biometric measurements, how they feel, and their wellness.