Delivering Patient Engagement for Chronic Disease Management

NexJ Connected Wellness is a digital platform for cloud-based population health management that incorporates mobile and wearable technologies to deliver patient engagement for chronic disease management.  The solution is highly secure, and has been specifically and purpose-built to protect the patient’s personal health information (PHI).

NexJ Connected Wellness is based on research, proven at trial, and purpose-built for the objective of engaging and empowering patients with chronic disease to better manage their own health and wellness. By doing so, patients can achieve their health goals, payers can lower costs, providers can improve care to patients, pharmaceutical manufacturers and retail pharmacies can improve medication adherence.


Introduction to NexJ Connected Wellness

Welcome to NexJ Connected Wellness, a revolutionary tool that allows your patients to actively participate in their own health and wellness.

Introduction to NexJ Connected Wellness

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NexJ Connected Wellness

Through extensive research and trials, NexJ has distilled three essential elements of patient engagement that now comprise the foundation of the NexJ Connected Wellness platform:


Deliver interactive, infographic patient education including an audio-visual record of the discussion and decisions that patients can share with family, friends and advocates.


Share patient-friendly care plans to keep patients informed as to their condition, next steps and ‘what if’s’. Secure messaging, online scheduling and assessments improve collaboration and care coordination.


Deliver a personal health coaching plan and on-going support to patients to encourage sustainable behavior change

Leverage the Patient’s Personal Circle of Care


The patient’s personal circle of care supports person-centered health by placing the patient at the hub of decision-making and managing their own health and wellness. This approach is used to promote wellness and address illnesses before they are critical, reducing strain on the system.

Patients are surrounded by their personal and trusted network of healthcare professionals (HCPs), family, friends, and advocates – anyone the patient chooses to include. Patients can share their personal health information and securely message with anyone in their personal circle of care. Caregivers can monitor the patient’s progress and provide the patient with encouragement and support when it’s needed.

Person-centered health enhances working conditions for all health care providers, reducing bureaucracy and needless clerical repetitions, increasing quality experiences with patients and their families, and increasing health care job fulfillment. With person-centered health, all stakeholders in patient health experience more satisfying and quicker results, better outcomes, and more meaningful encounters.


NexJ Connected Wellness is Based on Research, Proven in Trials

NexJ Connected Wellness is founded on respected healthcare industry research and has been proven in trials to effectively engage patients with chronic disease to better manage their own health and wellness. Highlights of our investment in research and development include:

  • 17 research trials and 8 deployment evaluations involving over 4,000 participants have been completed or are in progress
  • 7 peer-reviewed publications are complete and 9 are pending final results and review